Work up a Sweat with Kettlebells!

If you have never had a kettlebell workout, you’ll soon discover why they are so popular (and why you will work up a great sweat!) Why is it that kettlebells are gaining such a following? Well, for one thing it is a killer calorie burner! According to the American Council on Exercise – aka the ACE – if you do an average 20-minute workout with kettlebells, you could burn about 400 calories!

THAT should get your attention! So, when is the last time YOU burned that many calories in less than a half an hour? Unless you are a world-class athlete running about a 6-minute mile, probably not recently!

Putting it another way, if you divide that 400 calories into the 20 minutes, that comes out to you burning about 20 calories per minute!

So, if this gets your attention, please stick around. There will be lots of great information to come here at this site.