Solutions to help you stick to your selected workout routines for men

You need to know, not to discourage you or anything, but 90% of men never go past three months after starting a workout routine. This article though is offering offer you solutions on how to avoid being part of the statistics and help you stick to your workout routine

Move step by step

There are specific workout routines for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness levels depending on abilities. It is advisable that you start small and increase the intensity as you progress. You don’t have to work out daily in the beginning if it can’t work for you. You can start with minimal exercises as you climb to the heavy weightlifting over time.

You only need to set manageable goals at the start. Keep track of the gains, and make sure you gain on each level.

Keep the Routine Personal

Much information is available on the web, media and other sites on workout routines for men of different age, fitness levels, and the different body parts. Not all of it is helpful for you. It would help if you looked for what works for you

Do not be stuck in a workout routine just because it worked out for someone else. Feel free to try out new workout routines, exercises and time. You can even try out a new gym if the current one is not good enough for you.

Forcing your body to do things you hate sucks the fun out of the exercise, making it easier to drop out. Whatever workout routine you pick, make sure you enjoy doing it.

Have a workout buddy

In addition to accountability, motivation, and sharing of knowledge concerning the workout routine, you need a work buddy to help you build positive workout habits. Having a work out buddy gives you the feeling that you are not alone which keeps you motivated.
You can also try out fitness communities near you. Different fitness communities have different incentives to motivate you to keep going. Moreover, it feels good knowing you have someone looking out for you.

Push Yourself

You most probably already have a set of workout routine for men that you adhere to, but you can from time to time do a few more reps over the recommended ones. The harder you push yourself, the more you become accustomed to the uncomfortable feeling. It increases your mental strength. Also, the more you endure, the better the gains.
Just don’t be too hard on yourself though, until it feels more like a punishment.

These are tips you can use in any workout routine for men you choose. Also remember why you started the routine, and appreciate the little gains you achieve. Importantly, keep the workout positive and fun.