Kettlebells For Women – Get Sexier Legs Today!

Using Kettlebells for women is a newer concept that has not been promoted openly until recently. The Kettlebell, or Russian cannon ball shaped hand weight it an effective muscle toning tool that can help to give you sexier legs starting today. Using the basic exercises below can help you get thinner more toned legs in a matter of weeks.

Great Kettlebell Exercises for Your Legs

Kettlebells for woman are designed to create a toned lean body that is well muscled but still feminine. There are a wide variety of exercises that can be performed with these unique tools to get sexier legs quickly.

Front Squats

Front squats performed with kettlebells are far more effective than just performing the squats alone. To complete them properly, stand with your legs about shoulder width apart, and the Kettlebell extended in front of your chest. Bend down with your knees slowly, while the kettlebell remains extended. When your legs are parallel to the floor, raise yourself back up to a standing position and repeat again.

Kettlebell Lunges

To do a kettlebell lunge, step forward with your right foot and go down into a lunge position. Once you are in a full lunge position, pass the kettlebell through your legs to your other hand, and then stand back up straight again. Step forward with your left foot and repeat the steps again as many times as needed.

Elbow to Knee Crunches

Kettlebells for women are especially good at working your entire body. For elbow to knee crunches hold a Kettlebell above your head, and then bring it down with your elbows tucked in, as you raise your right knee up to touch your elbows. Raise the Kettlebell again and repeat using your left knee. This intense exercise can work your arms, abs, and shoulders as well as your legs.

Overhead Squats

You perform a Kettlebell overhead squat in the same way as you would a regular squat, but as you bend down into the squatting position, you raise the weight above your head. If you are knew to Kettlebells for women, then you may want to have a friend or family member spot you until you get used to doing this.

Don’t Push Yourself

The most important part of working with Kettlebells for women, is to understand that you should never push yourself too hard. Start out by performing only a few reps of each exercise at a time. You can always increase the number of reps at a lower date, but pushing yourself will only lead to injury and disappointment.

Even though kettlebells for women is still a new concept for most, they are an effective strengthening and weight loss tool that can help you tone and tighten the muscles of your body. With the exercises above and some regular practice, you can reap the benefit of sexier legs quicker than you think.

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