Hard Style Golf Review

Terrence Thomas has created a kettlebell workout specifically for golf conditioning. Terrence Thomas

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Product Name: Hard Style Golf
Tagline: Instantly add up to 70 accurate yards on very tee shot…
Author: Terrence Thomas
Format: E-book
Price: $47.00
Guarantee: 7 Days free trial before billing. Means you can read the book before you have to pay for it.
Delivery: Instant Digital Delivery
Best For: Aspiring Tigers who resemble John Daly
Authors Credentials: Certified Kettlebell Instructor
B.S. in Health Education from Florida University.
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Description: Terrence Thomas has created a workout for ‘hard style’ golf conditioning. Terrence adapts the numerous kettlebell workouts that are available into a workout targeted specifically to the golfer. This works because the kettlebell is a tool for all over body conditioning, and certain exercises are very beneficial to the body’s core muscles. Improvement in your core will obviously lead to an improvement in the power you can add to your golf swing. Included in the workout:

Unlock Your Body With Strength Stretching
Get Control Over Your Shots with 3-Dimensional Strength
Maintain Your Power by Greasing the Groove
Build Strength Reserves

Although it won’t fix a hook or a slice the workouts that Terrence has devised will enable you to add yards to your drive and more power from your irons. (plus you should look better in your plus fours.)

Customer Comments: “[kettlebells] have helped me get my mind straight and be more focused in my training. Oh, I almost forgot: They improved my golf game as well. I’m longer off the tee, and I feel I have more control over my entire swing.”
(dragondoor.com forum)“Aside from helping me get stronger, I see kettlebells being able to reinforce good posture and physical awareness for the golf swing.”
(Hard Style Golf customer comment)

“Terrence is an incredible coach and watching his perfect form and technique taught me a lot. His instruction was spot on as well. You will leave your session with an education and a great base for your future kettlebell workouts.”
(Student of Terrence Thomas)

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