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Enter the Kettlebell – Pavel Tsatsouline Enter The Kettlebell

“Strength Secret of the Soviet Supermen”

This is the workout program from the man credited with the modern resurgence of the kettlebell.

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This program is all about the tough guy approach to working out. Plain, straight talking, stop complaining and be a man.

Product Name: Enter The Kettlebell
Tagline: “Strength Secret of the Soviet Supermen”
Author: Pavel Tsatsouline
Format: E-Book 200 Page Hard Copy Book DVD
Price: E-Book $34.95
200 page book $34.95
Book and DVD set $59.90
Guarantee: All products 100% guaranteed, no more specifics
Delivery: Immediate Electronic delivery for e-book
UPS ground in the USA 7-10 business days
International Shipping upto 21 business days
Best For: Alpha Males
Authors Credentials: This is written by the man who issues kettlebell training qualifications (the RKC instruction certificate)!
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Description: The Godfather of kettlebells, Pavel Tsasouline claims that with just 2 kettlebells and his book / DVD he can turn you from a boy to a man. The course is designed to give you all over body conditioning, resulting in a physique like a fighter.Starting from the very beginning, Pavel will show you the correct way to use the kettlebell, the correct way to prepare for the swings and lifts. This is so crucial when exercising with kettlebells.

The course includes the following

Choosing the right kettlebell for you
Kettlebell correct posture and safety 101
how to perform the following

The swing
The get-up
The pull and press
The clean
The press
The snatch

the kettlebell history and manufacture
Next steps in your kettlebell journey.

The authors style and approach to teaching is a no nonsense approach which echo’s the style of training the kettlebell demands: hard and heavy. So if you are looking for a drill sergeant type of approach in your kettlebell work out then this is definitely the product for you.

Customer Comments: “I feel physically better than I have in years. If you put the honest work into the program, I guarantee you’ll be blown away by the results.”
(Enter the Kettlebell Customer Review)“Pavel, you evil, evil… genius. I just finished my first actual kettlebell workout and I was immediately reminded of my first steps in to MMA conditioning workouts, only this time I got better results in half the time.”
(Enter the Kettlebell Customer Review)

“I have to say if you buy Kettlebells, this DVD and book should be right along with the bell. Everything a beginner needs, very informative, detailed and nothing you don’t need.”
(Enter the Kettlebell Customer Review)

“The only way to understand kettlebells is to try them. And if you decide to do it – this is the book to have.”
(Enter the Kettlebell Customer Review – Amazon)

If you’re interested in making more efficient use of your workout time, and want to focus on strength, conditioning and health, you’d be hard pressed to find a more simple, enjoyable way to do it than by grabbing a kettlebell and starting with ETK.
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